Building Your Brand With Social Content Marketing

Samantha Haskins
The AdSiege Blog
December 15, 2015
Building Your Brand With Social Content Marketing

Which Content Should You Publish To Social Media?

There are many ways to engage your audience when you publish to social media.

New platforms have opened up a wealth of possibilities for companies reach their target markets in a way that is extremely cost-effective.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to develop a pipeline of “on-brand”, engaging content and publish to social media on a daily basis.

Making the Most of Social Networks for Marketing

Most companies have profiles set up on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and these offer businesses a fantastic way to target specific niche markets.

What’s more, they can boast high ROI and conversion rates for your business if executed well.

The trouble that some companies have however, is not knowing what content to publish to social media.

As you can imagine, posting company news can get boring (to followers) after a while so it’s important that varied content gets published to help keep your audience engaged.

So, the question you will no doubt have is this: What type of content should you be publishing?

The following are some examples I’ve outlined that offer proven results:

Related Content

I’ve seen plenty of businesses make one classic mistake on social media … all they do is talk about the products and services they sell.

Literally, all you might see is a link to product pages on their website, and that’s it!

As you can imagine, no-one wants their timelines filled with spam.

But that’s what social media users will think you’re doing if you only talk about what you do.

One way to create a win-win when you publish to social media, is to post content related to what your brand offers.

For example, let’s say that your company sells aftermarket vehicle accessories. Staying on message, you could post about new automotive design trends or technologies.

The aim is to engage with your social media followers and deliver content that interests them.

Problem-Solving Techniques

We all buy stuff to solve a particular problem.

For instance, we buy ice cream when we feel like treating ourselves. Or we subscribe to satellite TV when we want to watch something interesting in our spare time.

All of us buy stuff that solves specific ‘problems’.

While your social media audience may already be aware of the benefits of using your products and services. they might not know about the different ways they can use them.

To use another example, let’s assume you sell lawnmowers. You could give your audience hints and tips on how to achieve the perfect lawns in their gardens.

Or you could do a post or video that describes the techniques needed for creating a level ground and you might then talk about when to sow grass seeds and the best lawnmowers for each type.

Helping people solve problems when you publish to social media will do two things.

First of all, it increases engagement rates on your profiles, and second, it builds awareness of your brand.

Especially when you refer to the things you sell as part of your tips and tricks!

Community Work

Does your company help the community in some way?

Perhaps your staff volunteer for a charitable event once a year?

If your brand works with the community, you should post about it.

Sure, you aren’t promoting any specific products or services. But, you are building great brand awareness.

Especially when your brand gets seen helping a worthy cause!


Samantha Haskins is the founder of AdSiege, a marketing and advertising agency helping business owners win new customers, drive sales and increase revenues through a strategic mix of organic brand building and targeted media campaigns.