Make The Most of Google+ for Marketing Your Business

Samantha Haskins
The AdSiege Blog
March 15, 2017
Make The Most of Google+ for Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business with Google+

Your Google Plus business page has plenty to offer if you know how to make the best of it.

You can showcase your business and include a few keywords to help your search visibility and rankings.

Make sure to fill out all the sections on your page to maximise value for your business.

How to Put Your Google Plus Business Page to Work For You

Create an engaging tagline and introduction.

Your tagline and introduction are the highest impact sections and this is where you want your brand and message to come across in a clear and engaging way, so it is worth spending the time to get this sparkling.

Include plenty of links to your social media channels, your website and perhaps some key content.

This will help with engagement and attract followers for your social media while boosting your SEO with lots of juicy backlinks – Google loves connections!

Add your business address to the contact information to generate an automatic Google Maps widget so that it is simple and easy for customers to find their way to you.

In addition, ensure that you have ownership of your Google Local Page and that it is linked up to your Google Plus profile as another channel for incoming web traffic.

Optimise your Google Plus Business Page for SEO

Taking the time to optimise your profile content and headings for SEO can drive valuable business to your website.

Key areas to pay attention to include:

  • The name of your Google Plus Business Page – this is your SEO title, so make sure it contains relevant keywords but at the same time, avoid “keyword stuffing”.
  • Set a Custom URL for your page or profile – this can be accessed through the links section of the about menu and allows you to set the URL to your company name.
  • SEO Meta description – here you have 160 characters taken from your tagline and the first part of your introduction text. This is an important area for keywords and careful attention to the copy here will yield dividends.
  • Set up Google Plus Authorship – this will link your domain with any content you generate on Google Plus, creating back-links and boosting search rankings.

Make Your Content Work For You

Any content you post and circulate via Google Plus is a potential source of traffic for your business page.

Write a short summary of any content you are linking to, and post the link separately in the Link Attachment area.

Vary the type of content you post, and be sure to include plenty of visually appealing content such as photos and video, as the statistics for click through and sharing of content with a visual element speak for themselves.

Optimise for SEO by including plenty of keywords and hashtags where appropriate, in your Google Plus business page.

Share your content automatically with your circles when you post an update and take the time to build up your circles so that content reaches your target audience.


Samantha Haskins is the founder of AdSiege, a marketing and advertising agency helping business owners win new customers, drive sales and increase revenues through a strategic mix of organic brand building and targeted media campaigns.