Should My Business Use Snapchat for Marketing?

Samantha Haskins
The AdSiege Blog
September 16, 2016
Should My Business Use Snapchat for Marketing?

Snapchat Marketing is Right for Entrepreneurs …

So what is Snapchat?

It’s a social media platform that combines intimacy and immediacy into a powerful dynamic.

The under 35’s, in particular, find the platform compelling.

Essentially, a “Snap” is a picture or video that you can post to your network.

Once a Snap is viewed, it disappears completely.

This seemingly counter-intuitive setup has proven to be quite effective.

In knowing that they get just one chance to view a Snap, users pay better attention to the messages in front of them.

This makes the immediate nature of the platform ideal for marketers of products used by a younger audience, as over 70% of Snapchat users are under the age of 35.

The intuitive protocols for using the platform make it super user-friendly.

To make a Snap, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the Snapchat app to your device.
  2. Tap the gray button at the bottom center of your screen once for a photo and hold it down to take a video.
  3. Dress up your Snap with a detailed description, emojis and brightly colored text. Use the lens feature to distort and morph faces of people in your Snap’s. Feel free to get crazy with it. After all, it will only be seen once before it is gone forever.
  4. You can also create stories, which are compilations of Snap’s that can be viewed for up to 24 hours.
  5. The icon at the bottom right of your screen takes you to your stories feed and the one on the bottom left goes straight into your Snapchat feed.

Using Snapchat for selling

Snapchat is an excellent way to engage with potential users of your product or service.

The intimate nature of a Snap can inform people about your business by taking a viewer behind the scenes.

You can introduce the unsung heroes within your organization who are essential to the function and success of your business, or you could demonstrate how to use a particular product or piece of software.

You could even give a first-person account of the history and vision of your business.

Snapchat is wildly popular, already boasting a whopping 100 million users daily, 71 million of which are under 35.

So if millennials are your target audience, you’ll want to get Snapping as soon as possible!

The funny and casual tone of the Snapchat universe means that you can leave the stuffy attitude of the professional world behind and embrace a tone that reflects a friendly, easy going mindset that you clients, customers and prospects will love.


Samantha Haskins is the founder of AdSiege, a marketing and advertising agency helping business owners win new customers, drive sales and increase revenues through a strategic mix of organic brand building and targeted media campaigns.