Using Facebook Live Video Streaming for Marketing

Samantha Haskins
The AdSiege Blog
May 18, 2016
Using Facebook Live Video Streaming for Marketing

The Value of Facebook Live for Marketing …

Live video streaming on Facebook puts me right in the spotlight.

It allows my friends, fans and virtually everyone in my network to gain first-hand insight into whatever aspects of my world I feel like sharing.

There are seven essential steps to successfully using live video streaming on Facebook.

Simply start at number one and let the intuitive process unfold.

How To Manage Live Video Streaming On Facebook

To start with, keep things as simple as possible. With so many choices available today it is important that anything you add to your strategic arsenal is easy to implement and sustainable for the long-term.

  1. Pick a Time to Broadcast and Make an Official Announcement – I tell my followers when I plan to go live and let the anticipation build. I choose a time when my particular demographic will be engaged online. For example, if my target audience is working parents, then I pick an evening or a weekend afternoon.
  2. Make Sure I Have a Strong Connection – A weak signal means that a broadcast could be cut short. To ensure this doesn’t happen, I find that using a 4G connection or a WiFi signal works best. If the signal is weak, the “Go Live” button is disabled.
  3. Advertise a Broadcast with Interesting Content – I write a specific and explicit description of exactly what people can expect by tuning in. If I am connecting with musical fans, I broadcast that I’ll be playing a brand new song. If I am launching a marketing campaign, I find that I can entice followers by telling them that I’ll be demonstrating how to use a certain product.
  4. Give Potential Viewers a Call to Action – I empower fans by giving them a task to do. I ask them directly and in plain language to simply choose the “Follow” button which functions as an opt-in for notification every time I go live.
  5. Call Them Out by Name – As my followers watch me in action, they can post questions in real time. I engage with them on a personal level by saying their name in conjunction with my answers to their questions.
  6. Going the Distance – The longer I broadcast, the more viewers I accumulate. I record for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of an hour-and-a-half. I make a detailed list of things to talk about so that I can hold the viewers’ interest instead of having dead time where I am trying to work out what to say next.
  7. Creating New Habits – I find that two broadcasts are better than one and a minimum of three establishes a pattern. The more I broadcast, the more chances people in my network have to engage with me.

Live video streaming on Facebook is available to anyone with an account.

Use it to leverage the power of interactive video to boost your popularity within your own network!


Samantha Haskins is the founder of AdSiege, a marketing and advertising agency helping business owners win new customers, drive sales and increase revenues through a strategic mix of organic brand building and targeted media campaigns.