Marketing & Advertising

Effective marketing with simple language and a clear process to streamline promotion and power your brand

Successful digital marketing and advertising solutions must continually evolve to meet the demands of an ever changing landscape, which is why each of our services is part of a strategic framework so you can scale at any time to achieve your goals.

“The team at AdSiege provided some great advice and guidance to help increase our brand presence online. The personal care and attention they show 
“The team at AdSiege provided some great advice and guidance to help increase our brand presence online. The personal care and attention they show 
“The team at AdSiege provided some great advice and guidance to help increase our brand presence online. The personal care and attention they show 
“The team at AdSiege provided some great advice and guidance to help increase our brand presence online. The personal care and attention they show 
“The team at AdSiege provided some great advice and guidance to help increase our brand presence online. The personal care and attention they show 
“The team at AdSiege provided some great advice and guidance to help increase our brand presence online. The personal care and attention they show 
Marketing Foundations

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy


An effective marketing strategy is essential for any business looking to increase brand awareness, stimulate engagement and increase leads and sales to boost revenues.

We help you identify a clear strategy that is aligned to your budget and the specific goals of your business, so that your brand prospers within the commercial landscape in which you operate.

Multi-Channel Expertise

Our depth of knowledge spans the full spectrum of paid, earned and owned marketing channels and we tailor campaigns specifically to meet the needs of your business.

While in depth strategy can be complex, our foundation approach and methodology follows a proven marketing process that covers four primary phases:

  • 01. Development

    The first step in developing a strategic framework for your business begins with an understanding of your brand, business and marketing objectives. During this phase we take a 360’ view of your marketplace to understand your competitors and the highest probability openings for your business to capitalise on.

    02. Deliverables

    Once agreement is reached on a strategic approach, we then prepare the messaging and collaterals needed to implement your campaign successfully.

    03. Implementation

    Next we move to the implementation phase where the deliverables outlined above are deployed in a cohesive and fully integrated way to ensure maximum value from the channels that are most suited to your business.

    04. Analytics

    To monitor performance and ensure success, we closely monitor a range of insightful analytics that cover each channel that is integrated into your marketing strategy. This includes social media, search engine optimisation and paid advertising.

Integral to any strategy is the way in which our services support and enhance the skills, knowledge and experience of your in-house team.

Strategic Value For Your Team

Our belief is that, while freeing up time is key to the energy levels you bring to your own marketing success, the more flexibility and control we can provide your team, the greater your engagement in the process and more likely you are to succeed.

Central to this is the simple fact that no one knows your business and its audience like you do, and that empowering your team is one of the greatest services we can provide as your specialist marketing partner.

Brand Awareness & Social Engagement


Social media is the equivalent of a digital shop window for your business, and leveraging it to build your brand and increase engagement is one of the most cost effective and powerful ways to maximise ROI from your online marketing.

It offers a highly personal and interactive way to connect with both existing customers and new prospects, using one of the most powerful marketing tactics of all - delivering value to your audience.

Fluid & Dynamic Marketing

Social is also one of the most fluid and dynamic marketing channels available, with new developments continually being released across networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat et al.

While knowing where to begin can be a challenge, what matters most is that you get involved and embrace this dynamic to open up a fantastic new world of opportunity.

That's where we come in, with the experience needed to ensure you reap the greatest benefits from your social presence, using a simple and proven framework that gets results whatever the nature of your business.

  • 01. Social Media Audit

    Success through social media begins by taking stock of your existing presence and cross referencing this with the characteristics of your target audience. This is key to building a strong foundation and we'll ensure your social channels are well positioned to attract the right audience for your business.

  • 02. Daily Social Posting

    Quality and consistency provide the bedrock of a successful social presence and a simple way to illustrate this, is by asking the question - what's in it for your audience? To this end, we'll keep your social accounts primed with high quality, engaging content, including articles, images, videos, hashtags and mentions. All tailored specifically to your primary audience demographic.
  • 03. Influencer Outreach

    Not only do we source content from influencers in your industry, but we can also engage with them too. Personal outreach, coupled with your own quality blogs and other content provides a powerful combination that often leads to a significant impact in your reach and ultimately, exposure of your brand to new audiences.
  • 04. Audience Growth

    The growth of your audience is a natural by product of building an interesting and informative social presence that inspires and engages your audience. That said, audience growth through organic means alone is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve and is the reason why we offer additional strategies and tactics to help you grow your following through social media.

In addition to the daily constants involved with your social marketing, we also deliver a number of powerful ancillary services designed to maximise engagement, generate leads and drive sales for your business.

Engaging Promotions & Social Advertising

Gone are the days of effortless organic growth and visibility through social media.

While this is still achievable with a strong brand presence and in particular, fantastic content that stimulates your audience, there is no question that trends on social media suggest the 'pay-to-play' environment is here to stay.

This is why we we offer a range of additional services designed specifically to increase engagement and build your audience, including engaging promotional campaigns and paid advertising on social networks.

Search Engine Optimisation & Discovery


Similar to offline signage for increasing footfall to a high street store, successful SEO is a primary driver for delivering high quality, targeted traffic to your website from Google and other search engines.

Without a cohesive strategy and integrated online presence, chances are you are missing out on vital brand exposure, lead generation and sales conversions that directly impact your revenues and profit margins.

Organic Stream of High Quality Traffic

Unlike the short-term returns generated from paid advertising and promotional campaigns, SEO is the workhorse of digital marketing that continually evolves to build brand awareness and leverage your digital footprint.

Working tirelessly in the background, search marketing is considered by many to be the holy grail when it comes to generating a low cost, long-term supply of high quality, targeted leads for your business.

All of which is borne out of a strategic framework that is continually monitored and optimised to deliver maxim performance for your brand.

  • 01. Website Audit

    SEO strategy begins with a comprehensive website audit to understand the current status of your site. This provides a starting position to optimise for search engines and includes a high level assessment of your site structure and on page elements to identify any issues and areas of potential.
  • 02. Competitor Analysis

    To identify targets and gain insights into the fundamentals affecting SEO strategy for your business, we analyse your competitors to uncover what is working in your industry and to identify any openings to capitalise on.
  • 03. Content Strategy

    Key to a successful SEO strategy is the quality of your content and how well it is optimised. This includes integration of the keywords your audience is searching for, off-site references, reviews and social links that support your strategy.
  • 04. Channel Integration

    The integration of high performing channels plays a key role in SEO to ensure maximum brand visibility and search engine discovery. This multi-channel approach is also essential for building trust and establishing a brand's authority in the eyes of visitors, which simultaneously helps reduce customer acquisition costs.
  • 05. Performance Monitoring

    Success in SEO requires the monitoring of several metrics to identify areas that are under performing and to discover trends that positively impact a brand's presence online. This includes branded keyword impressions, changes in organic traffic, daily audience engagement, and onsite performance.

Successful SEO does not allow for a 'one size fits all' approach, so we begin each project with a blank canvas, and work to meet your company's specific objectives.

Tailored for Your Business

By carefully analysing your site and your existing back-link profile, we identify any potential issues and areas for improvement.

We also examine your market sector to devise an SEO strategy that is unique to your business and the specific objectives needed to 'head-off' your competition.

Finally, we thoroughly research the keywords that are most relevant to your products and services, before weaving these into your content to drive meaningful, highly-targeted traffic at every stage of the buying cycle.

Paid Search & Social Media Advertising


The use of paid search and social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to generate immediate returns from your marketing efforts, in a way that is fully transparent from an ROI perspective.

By paying only when someone responds to a promotion, clicks your advert, or views your landing page, you control your ad-spend budget and can easily quantify the performance of your campaigns.

Rapid, High Probability ROI

When PPC campaigns are optimised correctly, they can generate superior returns from your marketing investment.

While some trial an error plays its part in developing successful PPC campaigns, the ability to precisely target your ads by location and audience demographic, makes paid media one of the highest probability channels available.

It is also why paid advertising one of the most cost effective digital marketing strategies when executed well, and to ensure the right outcome we follow a precise framework that includes research, targeting, creativity and optimisation.

  • 01. Keyword Research

    To identify the terms used by people to learn about and find your brand online, we begin with keyword research and competitor analysis to identify the highest performing keywords for your business.
  • 02. Platform Targeting

    Success with paid media includes a number of components. Of significant importance is the customisation of ads to target specific devices, social networks and other online media to ensure the greatest control over ad-spend.
  • 03. Advertising Creatives

    Developing ad creatives for successful paid media strategies is a dynamic process that is continually refined through the life of a campaign in order to optimise lead generation and increase the probability of sales conversions by targeting the right audience for your business.
  • 04. Bid Management

    Precise bid management is essential to maximise returns from PPC Campaigns and covers the four primary goals of paid media strategies, including brand awareness (CPM), site traffic (CPC), lead generation (CPA) and sales conversions (ROI).
  • 05. Campaign Optimisation

    To measure performance and optimise your paid media campaigns we track a number of key metrics that provide insight and help guide future actions to deliver the maximum ROI from your campaign strategies.

Your choice of partner for PPC campaign management is an important one, and we fully understand the risk/reward profile that comes with the territory.

Paid Advertising That Gets Results

By choosing to partner with AdSiege, you can be confident that your marketing spend is in safe hands and results are guaranteed, because our model is 100% performance based.

This is an important point when it comes to advertising online, because without having an advertising partner that is fully invested in your business at every level, it is very easy to spend large sums of money without any substantial return.

We also do not tie you into long contracts and our success is directly proportional to your own success. In other words, we only make money when your revenues increase.

Social Content, Blog Posts & Graphics


Whether you need daily social media content, articles for your blog, press releases, web content or product descriptions, we can help.

Without question, the current trends in content marketing suggest it will only continue to grow stronger as a primary vehicle for digital marketing and this presents a huge challenge for business owners.

Content Marketing That Works

In its truest form, content marketing is all about informing and inspiring people with great articles and interesting resources that speak directly to their interests in order to engage with your brand.

At the top of the tree, social media and blogs are the kingpins for many businesses. Through this simple one-two combination of social and blogging your business has the ability to build brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, improve sales and increase revenues.

While each business is different, we use a proven formula that provides a solid foundation for success, and we'll help you devise a content strategy that works for your business and target audience.

  • 01. Competitor Analysis

    Understanding what type of content is working in your industry and how to gain a natural advantage for your brand, begins with an assessment of your competition.
  • 02. Audience Targeting

    To generate the maximum impact from your content strategy and ensure the greatest exposure for your brand, it is critical to know who your audience is. This begins by profiling your audience to target advertising, maximise visibility and increase the odds of conversion.
  • 03. Publishing Channels

    In developing a successful content strategy, its only logical to embrace the diversity of platforms available to your audience, and the use of a multi-channel strategy that fully integrates your content for maximum exposure. This includes blogs, social media, email, forums and other digital mediums.
  • 04. Content Development

    Developing quality content for your business involves a number of phases including research, writing and editing to address the needs of your audience and the nuances of each platform used as part of an overall content strategy.
  • 05. Search Optimisation

    Search optimisation is a marketing discipline focused on increasing a brand's visibility through organic search engine results. This encompasses both technical and creative elements needed to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase reach and is a primary focus of our content creation and strategy development.

Both search engine and conversion rate optimisation play a pivotal role in the success of any content strategy, and we constantly strive to maximise your results.

Maximum SEO & CRO Benefits

Content alone has little value if it is not highly integrated into your overall digital marketing strategy and has a clearly defined role in achieving the goals you have for your business.

Of course, while there is no question that value, originality and authenticity are key ingredients to successful content, we can also help streamline your strategy by sourcing high quality content for social media and identifying influential bloggers and other content producers to partner with through outreach programs.

There is also tremendous value to be gained from the long-lasting impact of any content you disseminate, and the overall impact of SEO & CRO are the drivers that turn content spend into business revenues.

Inbound Promotions & Lead Generation


Everyone loves a great promotion!

The chance to win something through a contest, grab a discount coupon or spend time on a quiz. It’s fun, easy, and entertaining.

Best of all, the smart use of online promotions create a natural win/win environment for both your audience and your brand.

Big Benefits From Online Promotions

By delivering real value and engaging your audience, online promotions offer a fantastic pipeline to generate leads and build revenues.

Whether you run promotions through social media, your website, or a mobile app, the impact they have on your business can be game changing.

People enjoy winning and are willing to help promote your brand to do so, which leads to four primary benefits for your business and provide the objectives we use to guide the development of successful promotional campaigns.

  • 01. Brand Building

    Promotions get people talking about your business. If your audience benefits and you've done a great job promoting your campaign, you’ll create a buzz that increases the visibility of your promotion and fuels engagement with your brand.
  • 02. Follower Growth

    The ability to cost-effectively grow your audience in a mutually beneficial way has enormous benefits for your business. It gives the impression of a company that cares and creates an organic pipeline that attracts people to your offers.
  • 03. Audience Engagement

    The best clients and customers, are the ones that remain engaged with your brand long after their initial enquiry or purchase. After all, the best business is repeat business and nothing beats great promotions to keep people coming back for more.
  • 04. Customer Insights

    Knowing your audience and understanding how to add meaningful value to their lives is a cornerstone of successful marketing and relationship building. Permission is at the heart of this, and online promotions provide the perfect vehicle to build trust.

Studies have shown that consumers are willing to exchange personal information in return for discounts and other benefits. Meaning, that if you offer value to your audience they will, in turn, give you insight into what they are looking for.

Promotions Increase Loyalty & Revenues

When well designed and executed, promotions drive purchase behavior. They tie into the powerful forces of social proof, and reinforce a natural human desire to join with others.

So when one person enters a contest or quiz, or wins a discount coupon and shares this success via social media, those in their network are likely to participate because they see their friends doing it, and trust that the value to them is meaningful.

Let's not forget the most valuable customer of all, you existing customer. And with a little imagination, promotions offer an infinite number of ways to reward loyalty and reinforce your brand as one that deeply values your existing customers.

Websites, Mobile Apps & Landing Pages


Web development - including websites, mobile apps and landing pages must take into consideration more than just design and aesthetics.

Of primary importance is the customer journey and the ability of your digital properties to convert browsing visitors into paying customers.

When we take on an SEO project, we often find that websites are not ideally optimised to leverage a client's wider marketing strategy, nor do they deliver the maximum impact in front of their desired audience.

Balancing Content & Usability

To establish a strong digital footprint for your business we seek to find the right balance between content and usability as a core principle. 

How will your information be structured and presented, and how will you integrate new content in the future? What about your audience - does it take 60 seconds to learn something they could learn in 5 seconds?

Using advanced analytics, hard won experience and a methodical approach, we optimise the user experience across your digital properties for maximum engagement and conversion.

  • 01. UI/UX Review

    Using a variety of tools, we take time to understand the needs of your audience and analyse user experience trends to find the right balance between design and usability.
  • 02. Wireframe

    We begin by taking into account the content and messaging you wish to deliver and then structure the primary sections of your site, including the home page, product and service pages, and individual content blocks.
  • 03. Design

    Wireframes are then transformed into full-scale mobile and desktop designs that reflect your brand and clearly define a customer's journey through your site.
  • 04. Development

    Site development, including coding and added functionality is then undertaken to transform the agreed design into a fully operational website, blog, landing page or mobile app. This includes empowering you with quick and easy access for updates and changes to content.
  • 05. Integrations

    Any integrations that may be required are then added to enhance both user experience and marketing automations.
  • 06. Test & Deploy

    Once your site has been fully tested and vetted, all necessary DNS changes and file uploads are be carried out on the server and we offer full hosting, security, maintenance and management.

Any development should be guided by the overall objectives of your marketing strategy. This principle is at the forefront of our thinking to ensure final solutions are geared towards generating leads and increasing revenues.

Developing With The Objective In Mind

Without clear messaging and action steps for your visitors to take, they’ll leave. Keep in mind that you have about 5 seconds to communicate who you are, what you do and why your visitors should choose your business to help them.

Studies have shown bounce rates as high as 95% on pages that are poorly designed, leading to a lack of engagement and a quick departure.

This is not great, particularly after investing a lot of money in paid search and social media campaigns, and we will ensure this does not happen to you.

Social Media, SEO & PPC Analytics


Marketing campaigns often fail because they are launched with little thought about how to monitor performance and measure success.

This fact is not lost on us, and the importance of analytics and the insights gained to support your business is core to our success in building winning marketing strategies.

This includes ensuring that all campaigns are tracked from first contact with your customers, through next actions, to the final point of conversion.

Methodical Approach To Analytics

To achieve this we apply a methodical approach to all marketing activities to ensure that audience demographics, targeting, ad copy, lead generation and conversion are all tracked effectively.

This information is then used to guide and influence the decision making process to maximise the value from each and every marketing campaign.

  • 01. PPC Analytics

    Accurately tracking and measuring the performance of paid media campaigns is critical to maximising your ad-spend and increasing ROI. We monitor each paid channel in your marketing mix, to optimise copy and ad performance and ensure there are no doubts as to which channels are working best for your business.

  • 02. SEO Analytics

    Monitoring visitors to your site through search traffic is key to measuring the performance of your overall impact online. We pay close attention to the key drivers in this process and most importantly, identify any barriers to success, to ensure consistent improvement in the quality of traffic you receive.
  • 03. Social Analytics

    The potential social media has to impact revenues for virtually every business is undeniable. Beginning with brand awareness we monitor reach to ensure your business is visible at all times, which lays the foundations for engagement and follower growth that drive revenues.

To fully harness the power of analytics, the accuracy and integrity of your data must first be established. This lays the foundation to correctly interpret the impact of your campaigns and gain the necessary insights to enhance your marketing strategy. 

Accurate Data & Actionable Insights

The importance of accurate data cannot be understated and the ability to gain actionable insights is directly related to the integrity of any data source.

This is the starting point for our marketing analysis and provides the foundation for correct interpretation of any marketing campaign.

To extract valuable insights from data analytics and to determine the correct course of action to take, we then overlay vast experience and expertise to ensure your campaigns are always performing at optimum levels to maximise the ROI from your marketing strategy.